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Imagine spending an hour less time working every single day?

 by: Ryan Blake

Just imagine what you could do with one extra hour a day, you could spend it playing with your son or doing research on your next project

What I’ve compiled are my all time favorite websites that I’m sure will save you lots of time, which you can spend doing more important things.

Here we go in no apparent order.

1. Http://

LinkCounter is a free service that tracks clicks on any link you want to track, from inside, outside, or within your site itself. It's a great way to track affiliate programs and link exchanges, or to create referring links for sites you trade traffic with. They provide you with an unbiased report that you can use to keep track of your outgoing and incoming hits.


S.C.O.R.E stands for the Service Corps of Retired Executives, and they pride themselves on being the Counselors to Americas Small Business. In effect, S.C.O.R.E. is a non-profit group that offers FREE counseling to anyone who has, or is thinking about starting, a small business. I've utilized their trained counselors on numerous occasions, and have been grateful every time.


This is easily my new favorite newsletter. Trafficology's creator, Wayne Yeager, gives away literally THOUSANDS of dollars each month for new and creative traffic generating ideas. He then turns around and gives these ideas to his subscribers for FREE. I've been receiving the newsletter for a few months now, and I have yet to be disappointed. While some of the ideas are WAY too crazy for me to EVER try, the newsletter is *always* entertaining, and often useful.


While I can't speak for Maria's consulting abilities (I've just never met her or heard anything about her), I can say that this is one of the best compilations I've seen of places to submit NEW articles. Some business owners have achieved maximum exposure by utilizing these free article submission sites. Hey it's worth a shot right?


Pay per clicks are a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site, because you only pay when someone actually visits your site. It's a great idea, but now it's been copied so many times that it's impossible to keep up with which ones are worth getting listed in, and which ones you should avoid.   (continued...)

Imagine spending an hour less time working every single day?
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About The Author

My name is Ryan Blake and I run my own Internet Marketing

company from home which pays all my bills and I am able to

go on holiday every 2 or 3 months or so.

So here's an artice which hopefully will teach you something

new and guide you through the first step... which is by far

the hardest and get you off to a good start.

Regards and good luck.

Ryan Blake.


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