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Improve Your Business Using The Principles Of War

 by: Hirini Reedy

The art and science of war has been studied and developed since the dawn of mankind. Many business principles and terminology have military origins. For example the word entrepreneur was originally a French term used to describe a person who undertook a military mission. In Asia today , many business leaders still study Sun Tzu's ancient text "Art of War" written 2500 years ago. It contains timeless wisdom that is still applicable today. It is based on principles of nature that can be applied to more than just warfare. It allows for the understanding of flow and force, the yin and yang of every situation.

In a world that is becoming more global and uncertain, business success will be achieved by utilizing both hard and soft strategies. The yin and yang of business can be likened to the push and pull style of combat. Each one flows into the other like night follows day.

So, how can one apply the Art of War to marketing and business?

A possible answer is to understand the principles of war rather than the specific skills of combat. How you apply the principles will vary according to your specific situation and desired outcomes. Here are some principles of war that can be used to improve your marketing and business.

1. Selection and Maintenance of The Aim.

Every successful military operation has a clear aim. Generally the aim is connected to the desired outcome. In business, it is important to define your aim and intended outcome. Maybe your aim is to create a successful business that you sell for $2 million dollars within 3 years Or establish a group of successful internet mini-sites that generates collectively $20,000 per month. Your aim is broken down into phases. Each phase has its own objectives, tasks and timelines. For example you could use a 90day Marketing Phase. Your marketing objectives could be broken down into key tasks.

Task1. Write an article every week for submission.

Task2. Send offers to 10 potential joint venture partners.

Task3. Build opt-in list by 200 subscribers each week.

Task4. Test and measure website performance each week.

2. Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy, Know Your Terrain.

A military commander uses a process called a tactical appreciation or estimation to prepare his or her battle plan. Basically this is about asking brutally honest questions. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you lazy or impatient? Sometimes the biggest enemy is yourself. We all have our own limiting beliefs and bad habits that can jeopardise our success. We must eliminate these internal threats efficiently and systematically. The terrain in war is like the market place in business. The more intelligence you have around market trends, customer needs and consumer choice the better your ability to plan your business strategy. So be like a forward reconnaissance troop and start gathering your market intelligence. Whenever you get market intelligence, always ask the question, so what? This forces you to look beyond the obvious to the hidden possibilities within your information. As you read this article, ask yourself " yeah, so what"?

3. Concentrate Your Forces At The Appropriate Point   (continued...)

Improve Your Business Using The Principles Of War
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About The Author

Hirini Reedy is a native author, poet, civil engineer, retired military officer, martial arts founder, NLP master and internet entrepreneur. He shows people how to integrate ancient wisdom with modern success principles using SIMPLE TEACHINGS. Learn more at


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